Donald Lee

Associate Professor of Operations

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Professor Lee is interested in the design of evidence-based strategies for managing the delivery of healthcare. His work draws on ideas from operations research and statistical learning in order to obtain a better understanding of healthcare systems from a data-driven perspective. Driven by questions faced by physicians and policymakers, his papers have examined topics including pay-for-performance issues in healthcare, outcomes evaluation of medical interventions, and organ transplant network dynamics.



  • PhD (Operations Research), Stanford University
  • MS (Statistics), Stanford University
  • MMath, Cambridge University
  • BA/MA (Mathematics), Cambridge University


  • Advanced Business Analytics with Spreadsheets MGT 809
  • Big Data MGT 819
  • Modeling Managerial Decisions MGT 405

Selected Articles

Development of Imminent Mortality Predictor for Advanced Cancer (IMPAC), a tool to predict short-term mortality in hospitalized advanced cancer patients

K. Adelson, D.K.K. Lee, S. Velji, J.C. Ma, S.K. Lipka, J. Rimar, P. Longley, T. Vega, J. Perez-Irizarry, E.J. Pinker, R. Lilenbaum
Journal of Oncology Practice