John Bargh

James Rowland Angell Professor of Psychology

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John Bargh's lines of research focus on unconscious influences in judgments and social behavior, including unconscious motivations and goal pursuits. Most recently his ACME lab (for Automaticity in Cognition, Motivation, and Emotion; see link below) has focused on the automatic link between social perception and social behavior, which creates tendencies for people to behave similarly to those around them, without realizing they are doing so. An important new line of research focuses on physical experiences such as touching something warm or cold, and how this affects psychological experiences, such as generosity and trusting other people. New research examines the power of conscious imagination to 'turn off' basic evolved goals such as for safety and survival, with influences on more abstract metaphorically related social and psychological goals -- for example, being inoculated against the flu virus influences attitudes towards immigration.


  • Distinguished Scientific Career Award, American Psychological Association, 2014
  • Elected to American Academy of Arts and Science, 2011
  • Honorary Doctorate, University of Nijmegen, 2008
  • Society for Personality and Social Psychology Donald Campbell Award for career contributions to social psychology, 2006
  • Guggenheim Fellow, 2001