Yale SOM Welcomes the MAM Class of 2017

One hitchhiked across the length of Africa. Another established a national network of youth organizations for HIV/AIDS prevention in the Philippines. Another helped to expand Toyota’s business across Panama, and one coached students in financial literacy in her hometown in India.

These individuals are part of the Yale School of Management’s Master of Advanced Management (MAM) Class of 2017. The class includes 62 students who hold MBA degrees from 19 schools across the Global Network for Advanced Management. Women represent 40% of the class; students hold citizenships across 28 different countries. Their professional backgrounds are diverse, spanning industries like education, finance, marketing, medicine, and politics. 

Many of the MAM students became familiar with Yale SOM’s programs through the Global Network, by attending Global Network Weeks, or by working on global virtual teams in small network online courses.

The Master of Advanced Management program is a one-year program for MBA graduates from schools across the Global Network for Advanced Management. MAM students have the opportunity to build their own curricula while at Yale, with 80% of their coursework chosen from electives across the University. There is also a required curriculum, during which MAMs examine the complexities of global leadership and work together on a real-world practicum project. In addition, the students attend the Colloquium in Advanced Management speaker series which features top leaders from across sectors.

The Class of 2017 arrived to Yale SOM on August 15. They participated in Orientation with their classmates and members of the MBA Class of 2018, with whom they collaborated during a series of activities, including a team project.