Cian O'Dowd MAM '16

One thing I’ve learned about myself at Yale SOM is that I excel when I’m with a strong team.

Business is more global than ever before. When you’re at school in your home country, you have the chance to learn about your home market really well. The strength of the Global Network is that it fills in the gaps, exposing you to other markets and ideas. It’s given me the opportunity to learn from people in a variety of sectors where I’m not an expert. I came to Yale first during Global Network Week, which was a fantastic experience for me, and it changed the way I look at markets and it allowed me to make connections in South America, Asia, Africa, and all across Europe.

MBA institution
Post-MAM position
Group Vice President, E-Commerce Commercial Operations, Digicel Group; Commercial Manager,
Favorite campus speaker
David Wertime YC '01, who is a co-founder of Tea Leaf Nation, an online channel reporting on Chinese media.
Favorite Yale SOM class
Non-Market Strategy, which teaches students how companies can manage relationships with governments, regulators, NGOs, the media, and society at large.
Favorite place to study
Sterling Memorial Library. Honestly, I felt like I was in Hogwarts every time I studied there.

The MBA provides a very solid foundation in business education, but the MAM presents an even broader opportunity. You get to interact with incredible global leaders through the practicum program and the Colloquium in Advanced Management. Through the Beyond Business course we studied environmental and political issues. Add that to all of the options at the Law School, the School of Architecture, and the School of Drama and the opportunities are endless.

I studied law for my undergraduate degree, and as an MAM, I’ve had the opportunity to take classes at the Yale Law School. That’s been a magical experience for me. I’m taking a course called Internet Law there, which involves quite a bit of research, reading, and discussion. Law students use a different lens to solve problems, and I think that’s been good for me; it’s taught me another approach.

One thing I’ve learned about myself at Yale SOM is that I excel when I’m with a strong team. I worked on a team project for more than four months with Yale SOM’s Center for Customer Insights for one of their clients, Visa. We researched consumer behavior in mobile payments, which is a fascinating field. My team put in long hours on nights and weekends, but we were excited by the result, and when we finished, we were invited to San Francisco to visit the company and deliver. It was hard work, but it was also an invaluable experience for my personal development.