The Academic Calendar

Program Schedule

The Master of Advanced Management program begins with an intensive orientation session in mid-August. Subsequently, classes are held every week beginning at the end of August. Commencement is held in late May.

Please note: This is not the master academic calendar and dates are subject to change.

Fall 2016

Session 1
August 12–August 30 Master of Advanced Management Orientation
August 31 Fall-term elective classes begin
September 5 Labor Day, classes do not meet
October 13 Session-1 classes end
October 12 Elective final exam period
October 17–21 Global Network Week: classes do not meet
Session 2
October 24 Classes resume; Session-2 classes begin
November 21–25 November recess
November 28 Classes resume
December 13 Session-2 classes End
December 14–16 Elective final exam period
December 21 Winter recess begins

Spring 2017

Session 1
January 16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; classes do not meet
January 17 Yale College and Graduate School courses begin
January 23 Yale SOM classes begin
March 7 Session-1 classes end
March 8-10 Final exam period
March 9 Classes that meet on Thursdays only end
March 13–24 Spring Recess; Global Network Week; classes do not meet
Session 2
March 27 Classes resume; Session-2 classes begin
May 9 Session-2 classes end
May 10–16 Electives final exam period
May 22 Commencement