Admissions Ambassadors

Yale SOM's Admissions Ambassadors serve as contacts for their clubs, interest groups, and programs, and share their insights with prospective students.

They are not part of the admissions committee and are therefore not able to answer any admissions-related questions. Our students are very busy with classes and other activities, so please be mindful of their time. We ask that you keep your questions to a reasonable number and not ask questions that are already answered in the FAQ section or on the MBA Blog.

Admissions Ambassador

Africa Business and Society

Admission Ambassadors: Marema DiopTayo Oyegunle

Arts and Culture Club

Admission Ambassadors: Ethan Joseph, Jen Chen

Black Business Alliance

Admission Ambassadors: Suezette Weir, Paul Raymond

Business and Politics

Admission Ambassador: Matt Manning

Business and the Environment Club

Admission Ambassadors: Jake Reznick, Tanveer Chawla

Case Competition

Admission Ambassadors: Giuseppe Mangiacotti, Karan Moudgil

Christian Fellowship

Admission Ambassador: Judd Lorson

Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (CGSM)

Admission Ambassadors: Karla Martinez, Bernie Lauredan 

Consulting Club

Admission Ambassadors: Bernier Lauredan,  Naomi Lisan

Design & Innovation Club

Admission Ambassadors: Hannah Grill, Mike Burshteyn

Education Club

Admission Ambassador: Justin Shechtel

Energy Club

Admission Ambassador: Gabriel Pinto


Admission Ambassadors: Katrina Barlow, Jackson Zhu, Anudeep Yegireddi


Admission Ambassadors: Maria Yegikyan, Artem Shuvaev, Mehmet Midyat

Finance Club

Admission Ambassadors: Lou DeLeo, Jared Shaber, Vic Muni

Food and Wine Club

Admission Ambassador: Tommy Nelson

General Management and Operations

Admission Ambassador: Stephanie Chan


Admission Ambassador: Will Thornburrow

Graduate Rugby and Football Club

Admission Ambassador: Andrew Kirk

Greater China Club

Admission Ambassadors: Jackson Zhu, Xiao Le, He Zhu, Mu Xu

Healthcare and Life Sciences Club

Admission Ambassador: Krishan Rele

Hockey Cub

Admission Ambassadors: Erik Reed, Kendall Boyd

Human Capital

Admission Ambassador: Rebecca Greenberg

Investment Management Club

Admission Ambassador: Riley Scripps Ford

Japan Club

Admission Ambassadors: Tak Igarashi, Kandai Oiso

Jewish Students Association

Admission Ambassador: Chiara Klein


Admission Ambassadors:  Jason (Ki Joung) Lee, Joowon Lee

Latino Leadership Association

Admission Ambassador: Ignacio Martinez Gaggioni

Marketing Club

Admission Ambassador: Tommy Nelson

Media and Entertainment

Admission Ambassador: Chiara Klein

Net Impact

Admission Ambassadors: Gita Ramamurti, Jake Phillips

Nonprofit Board Fellows

Admission Ambassador: Gretchen Wright

Out of Office (LGBT affinity network)

Admission Ambassador: Brandon Perkovich

Outreach Nonprofit Consulting

Admission Ambassadors: Kris Ansin, Christine Kang

Partners Club

Admission Ambassadors: Hayley Kadaba, Anna Ondik

Private Equity & Venture Capital Club

Admission Ambassador: Andres Martinez

Public Speaking

Admission Ambassadors: Karan Moudgil, Frank Huang

Real Estate

Admission Ambassador: Judd Lorson

Responsible Investing Group

Admission Ambassador: Emily Jakobsen

Retail Club

Admission Ambassador: Giuseppe Mangiacotti, Michael Stanley

Silver Scholars

Admission Ambassador: Ashok Poothiyot, Kate Koschewa

Social Impact Lab (Social Enterprise Speaker Series)

Admission Ambassador: Diana Barrero Zalles

SOM Crew

Admission Ambassadors: Artem Shuvaev, Divesh Kumar

SOM United

Admission Ambassadors: Alex Royalty, Erik Brailovsky

South Asian Business Forum

Admission Ambassadors: Vaibhav Desai, Krishan Rele, Basim Aqdas


Admission Ambassadors: Fed PanfilovLavinia Petrache

Veterans Club

Admission Ambassadors: Matt Scher,  Andrew Long, Robert McFadden

Women In Management

Admission Ambassadors: Grace NewmanSara Vracar, Christina Clementi, Natania Malin Gazek

Joint Degree Admissions Ambassadors

Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs

Admission Ambassadors: Garrett Wong

Yale Law School

Admission Ambassadors: Kayla DeLeon, Evan Turnage, Alexi Shaw

Yale School of Architecture 

Admission Ambassadors: Susan Wang, Michael Loya

Yale School of Drama 

Admission Ambassadors: Steven Koernig, Gretchen Wright

Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Admission Ambassadors: Tory Grieves, Andrew Beck

Yale School of Medicine

Admission Ambassador: Joshua SiewertGiulio Rottaro

Yale School of Public Health

Admission Ambassadors: Rosie Hart, Lisa Carley, Ray Pichardo