Leadership Development

Leadership is a skill you will work on and develop throughout your life. There is no effortless path to excellence and accomplishment in this domain.

Leadership development is integrated throughout the two years of the MBA program at Yale, giving you maximum opportunity to build the knowledge and experience you need to lead teams and organizations.

Leadership Thinking and Practice

We think about leadership skills on four levels:

  1. Individual Level
    examples: Values and leadership commitments, knowledge of personal strengths and weaknesses
  2. Team Level
    examples: Giving/receiving feedback, emotional intelligence, communication, diversity
  3. Organizational Level
    examples: Developing and implementing vision and strategy, organizational design and organizational culture
  4. Global & Society Level
    examples: Building and sustaining community, ethics, social responsibility and accountability, cultural awareness

A Core Endeavor

Courses in the integrated core curriculum develop skills at all four levels. In the fall of your first year, you learn the fundamentals of persuasion, negotiation, and other individual skills. You start working on team projects from day one at Yale, and courses like Managing Groups and Teams and Global Virtual Teams accelerate your learning and push you to increasing levels of challenge and accomplishment. The Organizational Perspectives look at how to align large numbers of people behind a leadership vision and build effective organizational structures. Questions of a business’s role in the broader society come up throughout the curriculum, and the Global Studies Requirement ensures that you are open to the powerful interconnectedness of economies and societies today.


An Opportunity for Further Leadership Development

The Interpersonal Dynamics Elective

Interpersonal Dynamics (IPD) is a leadership elective that expands upon the Leadership Development Program by aggressively developing leader skills and abilities. IPD is a practicum course focusing on your impact on others through intense laboratory experience in smaller groups.

About IPD
  • An opportunity for highly engaged students to continue into individual leadership work with strong links to the Leadership Fundamentals core course
  • A deep dive into listening, giving and receiving feedback, and soliciting feedback
  • Develops skills, directly impacting students’ ability to lead
  • According to students and faculty, builds emotional intelligence, adding a dimension of development beyond traditional coursework